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What our grants can support?

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We can help fund a wide range of investments and hope to support businesses that have plans to achieve the following:

  • Increased sales/turnover
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved productivity
  • Grow their customer base
  • Exploit new markets (both home and abroad)
  • Introduce new technologies or business processes
  • Reduce their carbon footprint

Examples of what we can and cannot support

Please be aware that we will only support investments that clearly contribute towards business growth. Applications that look to simply reduce running costs, replace depreciated assets or fund everyday operating costs will not be successful.

Obviously, funds are limited and unfortunately we cannot support everything.

We can support:

  • CNC machines and laser cutters
  • Sewing and embroidery machines
  • Printers and printing equipment
  • Shot blast units and compressors
  • Spray paint equipment
  • Warehouse racking and forklift trucks
  • Drones and specialist video equipment
  • Purchase of software packages and licenses or website development
  • Design of marketing campaigns
  • Purchase of specialist business advice or consultancy
  • Staff or management training and development
  • Cost of renovating shop frontage or changing/improving the customer experience
  • Machinery, equipment or services which reduce carbon emissions or improve energy efficiency

We cannot support:

  • Purchase of land and buildings including temporary buildings
  • Refurbishment of buildings, replacement of windows or doors and groundworks
  • Vehicles such as vans, lorries, tractors and trailers
  • Generic office IT such as desktop computers, laptops and printers
  • Replacing 'like for like' depreciated machinery
  • General running costs, staff salaries or overheads
  • Paying off debts or refinancing
  • Any statutory or legislative obligations, duties or requirements

Please be aware we will not support investments that don't contribute towards business growth - replacing depreciated assets or funding everyday operating costs.

If you are unsure whether your proposed expenditure qualifies, please contact the team