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What can we support?

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We have helped fund a wide range of capital assets, approving grants that increase manufacturing capacity or enhance productivity through reducing bottlenecks or re-work.

We cannot support everything and grants towards certain types of expenditure are not eligible.  Below are some examples of what we can and can't support:

We can support:

  • CNC Machines & Laser Cutters
  • Sewing & Embroidery Machines
  • Printers and printing equipment
  • Shot Blast units & Compressors
  • Spray Paint Equipment
  • Warehouse racking and Fork lift trucks
  • Drones & Specialist video equipment but not software


We can't support:

  • Purchase of land & buildings including temporary buildings
  • Refurbishment of Buildings & Groundworks
  • Vehicles such as vans, lorries, tractors & trailers
  • Generic Office IT such as desktop computers, laptops and printers
  • Purchase of software packages and licenses or website development
  • Replacing 'like for like' depreciated machinery
  • General running costs, staff costs, training, marketing & website development
  • Any statutory or legislative obligations, duties or requirements

If you are unsure whether your business qualifies please contact the team

An image showing some things that grants4growth can't support. Building with white cross on red background, van with white cross on red background, computer with white cross on red background,