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South Lincs Foundry

South Lincs Foundry Smelting 2

Founded by Brian Harriman in 1962, South Lincs Pattern Shop and Foundry has been manufacturing high quality patterns and castings for the food, marine and pump industries for over 50 years. From a temporary pattern workshop behind a pub in Tallington to a successful steel and iron foundry in Spalding, over the years the company has become renowned for its ability to take on complex jobs and has made a particular name for itself in the vintage motorcar industry.

The Challenge

Although business was steady for South Lincs Foundry, business owner David Harriman, who took over South Lincs Foundry from his father, wanted to expand further. The company was receiving more business than ever, but this meant longer lead times for orders and more difficulty in meeting the needs of their customers. They realised they needed to upgrade their machinery to improve efficiency and keep up with the increased demand.

The Solution

In 2015, the business had been awarded a grant of £12,000 towards a new furnace, which allowed them to produce smaller melts of metal and offer more variations in castings. Following this success, they decided to apply to Grants4Growth and were awarded £5,600 towards a Spartan Pivotal Sand Mixer and steel roller track. As well as bringing them up to speed with the most efficient machinery available, the purchase has allowed South Lincs Foundry to increase their capacity by adding a new production line. This new production line, which generates sand moulds ready for casting, has also led to the creation of several more manufacturing jobs.

What's next for South Lincs foundry?

South Lincs Foundry hopes to keep growing in the future. This includes continuing to invest in new technology, such as 3D printing software. They also aim to provide further training for their employees to speed up production times and future-proof their business.