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Direct Cardboard Boxes Ltd

Image of the direct team

About the business

Direct Cardboard Boxes provide sustainable, low-cost packaging to businesses across the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2013 in the bedroom of schoolboy Jack Good, Direct Cardboard Boxes has grown from a tiny e-commerce store to a thriving values-led business working with companies of all shapes and sizes. Direct specialises in the "reuse-a-box-model" and circular economy principles. They remove cardboard boxes that are used but in good condition from the waste stream and supply them to businesses at a low price, keeping the packaging in use for longer.

Ellie Good, Direct's Sustainability and Communications Manager, explains: "The UK has a waste crisis, with a large amount of materials lost along the supply chain. We want to keep boxes in use for as long as possible, which is also more cost-effective for businesses than buying new or recycled boxes."


The challenge

In 2019, Direct were pleased to be considered for a contract with a well-known international courier and delivery service. However, Direct were required to provide a bespoke pallet-strapping frame and tension tool to meet the terms of the contract, which they needed funding support to obtain.


The solution

Their local authority recommended Grants4Growth, and within two weeks of expressing an interest Direct were approved for a grant of £1,000. The new tailor-made pallet strapping frame and tensioner tool meant they could stack boxes more neatly and efficiently onto trollies, helping them to win the sought-after contract.

Ellie said: "The Grants4Growth team were really friendly and the process was simple. If you're a small business, then I'd definitely look into it."


What's next for Direct Cardboard Boxes?

Direct are currently undergoing a rebrand to better suit the business's values. They plan on changing their name to Reuse-a-Box and are in the process of redesigning their branding and website. They also hope to continue working with bigger businesses and blue chip companies to scale up, while maintaining their ethical business credentials.

Ellie said: "In the last few years in particular, we've seen a surge in businesses searching for more environmentally friendly packaging, as well as customers expecting eco-friendly options from the companies they buy from.

"We're not just here to make money, we're keen to make this as ethical a company as possible. We're not a huge business, but we're doing what we can to make the world a better place and Grants4Growth has helped us to achieve that."