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Red Herring Games - Group of People

Red Herring Games was set up by crime author Jo Smedley in 2007 producing murder mystery games and scripts for dinner parties, children's parties and large groups, as well as running a range of mystery-themed events. Initially, Jo began selling the games to fund a coffee shop in her native Grimsby, but quickly realised her well-received games were a far more thrilling prospect. We last spoke to Red Herring Games in 2018, when the company was on the verge of expanding overseas

What exciting new projects has grant funding brought to life?

Red Herring's latest project is the Cosy killer. Described as "a murder mystery for one person," armchair detectives must use a range of clues to solve a murder set in the "golden age of fiction." The game is sent via post, and each box is filled with clues murder mystery-fans must unravel. Jo says that Cosy Killer could not have become a reality without Grants4Growth, as the grant paid for both their new printer and guillotine, which were essential to the project. Jo's old printers would take all day to produce an order, but now printing a game only takes a few hours. In the past guillotining would be done by hand, but now the industrial guillotine does the same job in less than half the time and reduces wastage. Thanks to the grant, Red Herring Games has also been able to expand overseas, to the point where third-party storage is required in the US.

How has the team grown?

Red Herring Games has grown significantly since receiving the grant. Their team of three has grown to five, along with three part-time casual workers and an apprentice joining later this year.

What challenges did the grant help them to overcome?

Along with speeding up the printing process, the grant has helped Red Herring Games to increase their profit margins and reduce overhead costs. They've been able to invest these extra funds into promotion, keeping their marketing low cost and in-house. Jo also feels that the grant has helped them to improve the quality of their items, as well as introduce the option of personalisation for customers.

What's next for Red Herring Games?

Next, Red Herring Games hopes to open an office in the US to bypass their current third-party supplier, as well as branch out into board games. Although growing a business is hard work, Jo recommends Grants4Growth for any Lincolnshire businesses who may have a specific project in mind and who have the dedication to take their business to the next level.