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Coronavirus Support

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has created a range of different support to help businesses at this difficult time.

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DoorTechnik Ltd

Image of a door

About the business

For the past 18 years DoorTechnik has been designing and manufacturing high-security doors for customers across the globe.

In 1999, Graham White, DoorTechnik's founder, took the decision to branch out from the family farming business and enter what he believed to be a growing and exciting market.

Incorporated as a Limited company in 2007 DoorTechnik now specialises in the manufacture of steel and glazed doors built to the highest specifications. Primarily the business sells to clients within the commercial, hospitality and service sectors but will also take commissions for high end residential properties or residences that need enhanced security.

Operating from Thorpe on the Hill in Lincoln, the business now employs 20 people and turns over in excess of £1,250,000.00. Graham is still very much involved in the day to day running of the business and continues to oversee the design of all the doors before they are produced and assembled on site in Lincoln.


The challenge

Continuously looking to improve the quality of their doors and streamline the production process DoorTechnik had been looking to bring in house the shot blasting treatment, currently performed off site by sub-contractors.

Shot blasting of specific metal components is a key process that must be completed to the highest standards prior to doors being dispatched and installed. The procedure consists of firing microscopic fragments at the surface of doors and frames to clean them before painting, the result being a smooth and resilient finish.

Bringing the shot blasting process in house means that DoorTechnik would be able to reduce production costs, by saving on subcontractors and transportation, as well as being able to turn jobs around more quickly and hence grow their capacity for more orders.

Purchasing the necessary shot blasting equipment would also ensure that quality standards were kept at the highest levels and that the finish was perfect every time, eliminating any metal fragments which could in time rust or even stain neighbouring materials.


The solution

Having made the decision to change their operation to incorporate shot blasting on site at Lincoln, DoorTechnik fleshed out the business case in a little more detail, quantified the financial benefits associated with making the investment and secured quotes for the most competitive deals.

While searching online for grant programs, Sarah Rydel, DoorTechnik's technical advisor, came across the Grants4Growth website. Sarah subsequently made contact with the Grants4Growth team based in Spalding to see if she was eligible for any financial support.

Submitting a simple Expression of Interest confirmed that the business was indeed eligible and an advisor was sent to visit the company to guide them through the application process.

"They were interested in our future plans and what impact the purchase of the shot blasting kit would have on our ability to grow",explained Sarah. "We explained what we were wanting to achieve and how it would help us to reduce our production costs and become more competitive and responsive to our customers".  Sarah added "The process was pretty straight forward and we got a decision in less than 3 weeks. We secured a grant of £9400, which allowed us to get on and buy the kit we needed without too much of a delay"


What's next for DoorTechnik?

"Demand is healthy for our products and we are seeing sales steadily growing. We are very excited about the future and having secured planning permission to extend our operation on our current site we are looking to increase our production capacity still further in 2018". Sarah added "Increased production capacity to meet demand comes with its own set of challenges but we are confident in our ability to grow the team and establish ourselves firmly as the market leader in our field"

"There wasn't a single part of the application process that I found difficult"