Bfit Lincs Gym

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Founded by Amy Atkins, BFIT Lincs Gym is a forward-thinking personal fitness club based in Caistor, Lincolnshire. BFIT Lincs welcomes people of all ages and levels of fitness, from beginners to body builders, and specialises in the social aspect of training. As well as their cutting-edge main fitness suite, BFIT Lincs is filled with state-of-the-art gym equipment and two studios dedicated to exercise classes. Along with leading more traditional group workout sessions, such as spin, Pilates and HIIT classes, they also offer on-demand virtual classes, at no extra cost to members. This is alongside long-established fitness services, such as personal training and a free tailored training programme for new sign ups. Originally based in an abandoned building that Amy had transformed into a small gym, BFIT Lincs recently relocated to a bigger premises to accommodate its impressive growth rate.

The challenge

When Amy set up the first BFIT Lincs gym, she received no financial assistance. Due to time restraints, Amy sourced and paid for all of her own equipment, racking up a lot of debt in the process. Fortunately, the business was a success, but this time around she decided to do things differently. As Amy was relocating to a larger space, she wanted to embrace a more modern way of training. She decided to purchase equipment that would promote the social aspect of exercise, but she needed a grant to be able to afford the machines and grow her business.

How they got the grant

She knew that innovative equipment and training options would attract new members, and make her business stand out in a competitive market. Amy spoke to David Hawkins, an advisor for the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub, who recommended Grants4Growth. Amy was thrilled with the support she received, and with the help of the Grants4Growth team, she was able to prepare her grant application - even whilst juggling her two businesses and being a full-time mum-of-two! The grant was processed quickly and within a few months Amy had received a grant of £2,644 to purchase her equipment.

The solution

Using the grant money and observations from her years as a gym leader, Amy designed her new gym's layout around the needs of her clients. To create a unique atmosphere, Amy purchased a turf track, allowing visitors to move more freely around the gym, as well as a training rig, which she describes as the "centrepiece." The turf track idea came about after Amy noticed many visitors need a space to walk around when lifting weights or conducting similar exercises, while the rig is designed to bring people together as they exercise, making the gym a less lonely experience. Few gyms are designed with the social aspect of working out in mind, and for Amy it's paid off. Her average membership figures have risen from 500 to 1000 since the move, with patrons willing to travel from Grimsby and Market Rasen to use the gym. "It's attracted a lot of new people," Amy explains, "because I've got something unique."

What's next?

Although most of her gym is shiny and new, Amy still has some of her "old kit" lying around, which she'd like to update in the future. She is also keeping a keen eye on developments in the world of health and wellness, so that BFIT Lincs continues to offer its members the best in modern fitness